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Benjamin Whichcote: Bibliography

(Written by Sarah Hutton, 1 November 2013; revised 2017)whichcote2

Primary Sources:

Printed Works (All Published Posthumously):

Theologoumena dogmata: or Some Select Notions of that Learned and Reverend Divine of the Church of England, Benj. Whitchcot, D.D. London: 1685.

A Compendium of Devotion, containing a Treatise of Prayer and Thanksgiving: With Morning and Evening Prayers for Every Day in the Week, &c. Also a Sermon of Drawing Nigh to God, by the late Reverend B. Whitchcot, D.D. London: 1697.

Several Discourses… by B.W., ed. John Jeffrey, 4 vols. London: 1701-7.

Select Sermons, with a Preface by Anthony Ashley Cooper, Third Earl of Shaftesbury. London: 1698. 2nd edn., London: 1721.

Moral and Religious Aphorisms, ed. J. Jeffrey. London: 1703. Includes Eight Letters of Dr Antony Tuckney and Dr Benjamin Whichcote. Enlarged edition by S. Salter (1753). Ed. W.R. Inge (1930).

The True Notion of Peace in the Kingdom of Church of Christ. London: 1717.

Twelve Sermons, 2nd edn, with a Preface by Anthony Ashley Cooper, Third Earl of Shaftesbury. London: 1721.

The Sermons of Benjamin Whichcote, ed. William Wishart. 4 vols. Edinburgh: 1742.

The Works of the Learned B.W., 4 vols. Aberdeen: 1751. Reprinted New York: 1977.



Patrides, C.A. (ed.), The Cambridge Platonists (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1969)

Taliaferro, Charles, and Alison Teply (eds), Cambridge Platonist Spirituality (New York, Mahwah NJ: Paulist Press, 2004).


Secondary Sources:

Beiser, Frederick, The Sovereignty of Reason. Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1996.

Gill, Michael B., ‘The Religious Rationalism of Benjamin Whichcote’, Journal of the History of Philosophy 37, 2 (1999), pp. 271-300.

Greene, R.A., ‘Whichcote, the Candle of the Lord and Synderesis’, Journal of the History of Ideas (1991), pp. 617-44.

Herndon, Sarah, ‘Benjamin Whichcote, Cambridge Platonist’, Florida State University Studies, 11 (1953), pp. 99-116.

Roberts, J.D., From Puritanism to Platonism in Seventeenth-Century England. The Hague, 1968.

Westcott, B.F., ‘Benjamin Whichcot’ in A. Barry, Masters in English Theology (London, 1877)

De Pauley, W.C., The Candle of the Lord (London, 1937)

Schneewind, J.B., The Invention of Autonomy (Cambridge, 1998), pp. 196-9

Tillotson, John., A Sermon preached at the funeral of the Reverend Benjamin Whichcot, DD, and Minister of S. Lawrence Jewry, London, May 24th 1683. London: 1683.

Worthington, John., The Diary and Correspondence of John Worthington, ed. J. Crossley and R.C. Christie. Manchester, Chetham Society Remains vols 13, 36 and 114 (1847, 1855, 1886).


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