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Programme (31 May-1 June 2013)



Clare College, Cambridge

DAY ONE: Friday 31 May 1.00pm – 6.00pm

Chair: Sarah Hutton, Aberystwyth University

1.00 Buffet Lunch

2.00-2.50         Michael Gill (University of Arizona)

Paper: Whichcote and Cudworth on Religious Tolerance and the Readmission of the Jews

2.50-3.25         Nick Fisher

Presentation : The influence of John Smith’s ‘noble intellect and generous Christian faith’ upon Simon Patrick (1626-1707)

3.25 Tea/Coffee

3.45-4.35         Luisa Simonutti (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), ISPF –CNR)

Paper: Consciousness and identity : Locke and Cudworth

4.35-5.10         Isabel Rivers (Queen Mary, University of London)

Presentation: The promotion of the Cambridge Platonists by some clerics and ministers from the later seventeenth to the early nineteenth centuries: Gilbert Burnet, Henry Scougal, William Wishart, John Wesley, Richard Price, Alexander Knox, John Jebb

5.10-6.00         visit to Queens’ College (John Smith’s library)

6.00-7.00         downtime

7.00-7.30         drinks reception, Clare College

7.30                 workshop dinner, Small Hall, Clare College





Saturday 1 June 9.00am – 6.00 pm

Chair: Douglas Hedley, Clare College

9.00-9.50         Thomas Fedrick-Illsley (Christ Church, University of Oxford)

Paper: Samuel Clarke and the Cambridge Platonists

9.50-10.40       Friedrich Uehlein (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg)


Paper: Whichcote, Shaftesbury and Deism

10.40 Tea/Coffee

11.00-11.35     Louise Hickman (Newman University)

Presentation: Deiform reason: The Cambridge Platonists and Eighteenth Century Dissenting Thought

11.35-12.10     Sylvana Tomaselli (St John’s College, Cambridge)

Presentation: Reflections on Love in the political writings of Wollstonecraft

12.10-1.00       Derek Michaud (Boston University)

Paper: John Smith’s Lasting Influence: The Transatlantic Reception of a ‘Living Library’

1.00     Buffet Lunch

2.00-2.50         James Vigus (Queen Mary, University of London)

Paper: “This is not quite fair, Master More!”: Coleridge’s Encounters with the Cambridge Platonists

2.50-3.40         Philippe Barthelet (Paris)

Paper: Entre théodicée et apologétique, Platon comme « préface humaine de l’Évangile » : Joseph de Maistre et Simone Weil dans le sillage ouvert par Cudworth

3.40     Tea/Coffee

4.00-4.35         Russell Manning (University of Aberdeen)

Presentation: The Irrelevance and Relevance of Cambridge Platonism for Twentieth-Century Theology

4.35-5.00         General Discussion (introduced by John Rogers, Keele University (emeritus))

5.00-6.00         visit to Christ’s and Emmanuel College

6.00-7.00         downtime, and meeting of advisory board (6.15-6.45)

7.00-7.30         drinks reception, Clare College

7.30                 dinner, Small Hall, Clare College

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