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Programme (19-20 April 2013)



Clare College, Cambridge

DAY ONE: Friday 19 April 1.00pm – 6.00pm

Chair: Douglas Hedley, Clare College

1.00 Buffet Lunch

2.00-2.45         Justin Smith (University of Paris 7)

Does Hylozoism Lead to the Theory of Monads?

2.45-3.15         Stephen Gersh (University of Notre Dame) and Douglas Hedley (Clare College, University of Cambridge)

Informal Question and Answer Session: Cambridge Platonism and Neoplatonisms: from Florence to Cambridge?

3.15-3.45         Emily Thomas (University of Cambridge)

Discussion: Space, Time and Cambridge Platonism

3.45 Tea/Coffee

4.05-5.05         visit to Queens’ College (John Smith’s library)

5.05-5.35         James Bryson (McGill University)

Discussion: Oxford Platonism and the Problem of Atheism in 17th century English Platonism

5.35-6.00         Open Session: Cambridge Platonism and 17th Century Philosophy (led by Sarah Hutton)

6.00-7.00         downtime, and meeting of advisory board (6.15-6.45)

7.00-7.30         drinks reception, Clare College

7.30                 workshop dinner, Small Hall, Clare College



Saturday 20 April 9.30am – 6.00 pm

Chair: Sarah Hutton, Aberystwyth University

9.30-10.00       Tom Stoneham (University of York)

Discussion: Arthur Collier: An Anomaly

10.00-10.45     Charles Taliaferro (St Olaf College)

The View from Cambridge Platonism; How Philosophy of Mind and Other Sub-Fields of Philosophy Look From a Cambridge Platonist Perspective

10.45 Tea/Coffee

11.05-11.35     Mogens Laerke (University of Aberdeen)

Discussion: Ardor and Contempt: Some Remarks on Leibniz and More

11.35-12.05     Lesley-Anne Dyer (University of Texas at Austin)

Discussion: Using the City of God as a Latin Source: A Preliminary Comparison of the Christian Platonism of Peter Abelard and Ralph Cudworth

12.05-12.50     Martine Pécharman (CNRS)

Cudworth on Self-consciousness

1.00     Buffet Lunch

2.00-2.45         Stephen Clark (emeritus, University of Liverpool)

Mistaken Contrasts in Patrides and Elsewhere

2.45-3.15         Jasper Reid (King’s College London)

Discussion: The Cambridge Platonists and the Consent of Nations

3.15     Tea/Coffee

3.35-4.05         Dan Garber (Princeton University)

Discussion: More on Ghosts, Witches, and the Experimental Philosophy.

4.05-4.45         General Discussion

4.45-6.00         visit to Christ’s and Emmanuel College

6.00-7.00         downtime

7.00-7.30         drinks reception, Clare College

7.30                 dinner, Small Hall, Clare College

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