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They also had already experienced defeat against the Boers, by concentrated firearms. The Zulu thus had clear scope and opportunity to master and adapt the new weaponry.


Numbers were not uniform but dependent on a variety of factors, including assignments by the king, or the manpower mustered by various clan chiefs or localities. An inDuna guided each regiment, and he in turn answered to senior izinduna who controlled the corps grouping.



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  1. Friedrich was distributed this little dogs like gifts throughout Europe,for example,the Russian Empress Catherine the Great,Voltaire,the Spanish King and others. This said they did lack training and good quality powder for these weapons.

    How to cite this article: A policy of attacking the redcoats while they were strung out on the move, or crossing difficult obstacles like rivers, might have yielded more satisfactory results.

    They were equipped as Shaka had trained them a generation before with large cowhide shields which were colour coded with younger regiments having mostly black shields and older regiments having more white on the shield.

    O nans'impi iyeza Impi! Against the Boers at Blood River , massed gunfire broke the back of the Zulu assault, and the Boers were later able to mount a cavalry sweep in counterattack that became a turkey shoot against fleeing Zulu remnants.

    Immensely proud of their system, and failing to learn from their earlier defeats, they persisted in "human wave" attacks against well defended European positions where massed firepower devastated their ranks. One or more of these elder chiefs might accompany a big force on an important mission, but there was no single " field marshal " in supreme command of all Zulu forces.

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