Zoo melbourne jobs

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Here you can cycle around the six-kilometre circuit and experience the wild animals of Africa with just a moat separating you and the animals. We expect applicants to have knowledge and practical experience with at least some of the species concerned, a strong work ethic and good team working and communication skills as well as the ability to maintain high standards of hygiene. Get the best flight and hotel deals with Skyscanner!

Zoo melbourne jobs

The zoo holds more than animals from more than species , including the rare attraction of giant pandas. Industrial action is being supported by primate-keeper Kelly Hobbes and her partner, carnivore-keeper Matt Wills. Animals from Africa are the main attraction, with gorillas, giraffes, big cats and hippos popular with visitors.

Zoo melbourne jobs

Zoo melbourne jobs

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  1. Mr Jones said he valued the staff very highly and would be lobbying the State Government for funding to bring Victorian keepers' pay into line with national standards. This can be driven, but public transport users can get either the or bus.

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