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For both the employer and the jobseeker who is looking for the right job, the experience should be more delightful and less painful. Reviews and Issues ZipRecruiter is one among many websites to find and hire freelancers.

Ziprecruiter logo

Companies of all sizes use it to look for qualified candidates, and usually for those in the IT and management professions. It is hosting over 6 million jobs and has so far delivered over million candidate applications through its multiple job board submissions. Interestingly, another survey showed that the highest trend in recruiting for professional roles is through the utilization of social and professional networks.

Ziprecruiter logo

Ziprecruiter logo

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  1. Registered users can also search the database, create an instant job page on their site, include a company careers page, customize branding, track and rate applicants throughout the hiring cycle, utilize their mobile apply process for the mobile job seeker, and utilize other features.

    Issues and misunderstandings are usually about billing and fees, not about results.

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