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The Monks, Meditators, Mendicants, Morons, and Masochists had drawn together some hours before in order to get a good seat, and speculate among themselves as to the possible contents and nature of the evening discourse. Yushkova Abstract Scleral lenses improve visual acuity in patients with irregular corneal astigmatism, which is especially important when other methods of correction are ineffective. Instead, the Master nurtured the worthy among his people, but did not neglect to shower the less cultivated or intelligent with his love and blessings.


Stubborn or dull people learn the slow way. It is the ordinary condition of human beings that few are able to be free from delusion. I have encouraged you all to work together and help each other but the contaminations of biased and unenlightened thinking still binds many of you.



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  1. These are indulgences in personal feelings, often conditioned, without considering clarity of thought.

    Visual acuity of patients with low BCVA mean 0.

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