Zen buddhism brisbane

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He became Hogen-san's "fully transmitted successor and a new ancestor in the lineage" in The late Chan Master Sheng Yen has also influenced his practice. In the s after he, his wife and two daughters moved to Cairns he undertook Vipassina retreats at Pomona, north of Brisbane, under the guidance of the Goenka organisation.

Zen buddhism brisbane

In the latter half or the s he worked with Laurence Kantipalo to help establish the Bochicitta Buddhist Centre in Cairns and was its foundation president. Since then he has been studying under Hogen san's guidance and became a Dharma successor in August

Zen buddhism brisbane

Zen buddhism brisbane

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  1. Recently his son has taken over as abbot administering the religious needs of his village and Hogen-san has retired from formal duties. For futher information and address details please contact Enmei-san on or email Open Way Zen Murwillumbah Murwillumbah Zazen Monday evenings 5:

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