Youngers bar

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There must at all times be supervision during these programmes and as the player may not be under your direct supervision ie during the summer months it is imperative that his programme is supervised by an experienced adult. How many exercise techniques a young player can learn at one time will vary. The jury has to understand the point.

Youngers bar

The player's age and resistance training experience will impact the programme. Examine the exercise technique yourself by watching yourself in a mirror, or have an experienced individual perhaps a training partner or strength coach assess it.

Youngers bar

Youngers bar

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  1. The following box provides a checklist that spotters should use at all times Spotting Checklist 1.


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    I specialize in federal criminal cases which allow very little discovery before trial.

    The following are some possible causes of injury during resistance training:

    Second is the rest of the story as Paul Harvey used to say.

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