Writing romance novel sex scenes

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Throw in lots of sexual tension. This scene is hot and yet emotionally intense at the same time. It's nice if they are, but it's not a given -- as long as they eventually learn how to make love together.

Writing romance novel sex scenes

Even the little things can show something about your character. Also, use your love scenes as a way to illuminate characters. The hero says something stupid, the heroine seems to flounce off, and he thinks he has upset her, then but suddenly, she turns around and throws a pillow at him.

Writing romance novel sex scenes

Writing romance novel sex scenes

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  1. In funny romances, people can end up making love after the bottle of champagne explodes, drenching them both. A well-bred Regency miss is unlikely to jump into bed with a rake in Chapter Two, and if she does, you must make it believable for the reader.

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