Writing dialogue for sex scene

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If you do share a specific physical act, it should be justified — there to explain a specific moment of feeling, good or bad. Let your characters show their emotions. Vox details two characters sharing their sexual fantasies over the phone, each detail an expression of vulnerability, personal desire, and attempted seduction.

Writing dialogue for sex scene

In a sex scene where people are desperate or angry or full of regret, the tone will be very different from a sex scene where people are lonely or tender or full of longing. How can the differences between males and females affect their pre- and post-sex dialogue? Certain combinations of characters performing those acts?

Writing dialogue for sex scene

Writing dialogue for sex scene

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  1. Do they seek adventure in sex and thus look for a new partner, raising tension and creating all sorts of conflict? Is it explicitly described?

    Planning out a shopping list?

    Locations for sex The choices are nearly limitless here.

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