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In some cases, customers were charged for the supposed lawyers' fees for these letters; Labour MP Stella Creasy asked why the police were not investigating. He also explained that he had performed this calculation purely to raise awareness of the risks of payday loans and concluded by expressing the hope that his example would make people "think twice before getting payday borrowing". What lenders to approach?

Wonga mobile app

Moneyline is a social lender in Blackburn. The range of information stolen may also include the last four digits of customers' bank cards — information used by some banks as part of the login process for online accounts. However, it decided to only entertain their existing clients.

Wonga mobile app

Wonga mobile app

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  1. Other users of high-cost credit include people with no credit history due to their age or being new to the UK. In June , the FCA found that Wonga's debt collection practices were unfair and ordered that they compensate affected customers.

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