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Some large corporate companies will spend millions on trying to create the perfect ad campaign, tone and communication to reach out to the much-coveted younger generation. I focus on creating strong content that is completely relevant and of interest to its target audience, as I am still that target audience.


We understand that our audiences are growing with us. The second question is always asks how I am taken seriously at my age.



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  1. We understand that our audiences are growing with us. We share the same milestones and moments from graduating, learning to drive to going to university.

    We also look at what is trending on Twitter to write content — the chances are people will want to read about it in some form or other, resulting in you generating traffic.

    We share the same milestones and moments from graduating, learning to drive to going to university. However more often than not, their results end up failing miserably, because the campaigns have either been cringe-worthy, too condescending or just failing to understand current trends — and no, it is not One Direction.

    We cover a variety of topics from entertainment, health, animals, travel, Bollywood and cars.

    Therefore our content must evolve and change to suit the readership. It has actually helped me become the success I am today and is one of the main influencers in what makes my sites stand apart from the rest.

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