Wisconsin registered sex offenders list

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Depending upon the conviction, some offenders are required to be on the registry for 15 years after their period of probation or extended supervision has ended, although many convicted sex offenders in Wisconsin are required to be lifetime sex offender registrants, Aho said. The concerns of Colfax residents were prompted by several registered sex offenders who had moved into the village or were in the process of buying a house in Colfax.

Wisconsin registered sex offenders list

Under those kinds of ordinances, the registered sex offender can still live in the community but cannot hang around children, Aho said. More registered sex offenders will be living in larger communities, such as Eau Claire or Menomonie, rather than Colfax, Klemman said.

Wisconsin registered sex offenders list

Wisconsin registered sex offenders list

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  1. Menomonie and Boyceville do not have an ordinance.

    You can park there during the day without restrictions, but overnight parking is not allowed. If a registrant moves from Wisconsin to another state and does not notify either Wisconsin or the state where the registrant is moving, it can be a federal offense, Aho said.

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