Windows updating for hours

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Let's dig out why Windows 10 takes so long to update and find all the possible reasons that decrease the update speed. Then I found all of my photos I had saved under the Pictures file were all gone. This performs a hard shut down.

Windows updating for hours

Fix Windows Update Errors with Windows Update Troubleshooter Excluding the internal hardware factors, it's probably just the system bugs that throw your computer onto a blue screen where Windows 10 works on an infinite update. They were from a family trip, and had I deleted the photos off the camera, they would have been lost. It took about two and a half hours which is totally ridiculous.

Windows updating for hours

Windows updating for hours

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  1. Wait a few seconds, and then turn your PC back on. We recommend always having backups of your important personal files , just in case.

    Repeat the previous step until all the startup programs in question were disabled. Windows 10 is supported Method 2.

    We recommend waiting two hours, just in case Windows is doing a lot of work.

    Thanks for your feedback, it helps us improve the site. When I saw the update options, I clicked on "update and shutdown.

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