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T vomits a continuous stream of crap that no one can tackle, or should even bother trying. It is internally inconsistent and also inconsistent with the natural world on many levels.

Win bigly review

He likes to say that in the 2D world, things are one way, but in the 3D world of his creation , reality sets in and the truth is free. The fanboy crush endorsed the heinous character, and that is deplorable. I think Adams could have gone into more detail about why exactly persuasion is not effective at times.

Win bigly review

Win bigly review

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  1. It explains persuasion concepts in an easily understandable manner. I had no idea that Scott Adams was anything other than a sometimes funny cartoonist.

    When you help people realize they have no rational reason for their beliefs, they hit you with these type of responses. Scott Adams discusses in the book how accurate perception of reality is irrelevant to success and survival, and it is possible that delusions at times are useful.

    You have to believe yourself, or at least appear as if you do, in order to get anyone else to believe. And neither does hypnotism.

    The preponderance of evidence indicating just that is intuitively obvious to the most casual observer when looking at the mouth and bleats of T. To his trained hypnotist mind, he can see things others don't.

    For the last years there has been a cottage industry of people writing to make excuses for these inconsistencies and interpretation differences… Apologetics.

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