Wife always tired and grumpy

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I didn't bother to learn to fight the right way. If his wife wants to tell him about her day, his mind meanders.

Wife always tired and grumpy

You want to find out where the hurt lies. Has her sense of justice, reciprocity and fairness been violated? From her point of view her withdrawal of love and affection was a natural consequence of my anger.

Wife always tired and grumpy

Wife always tired and grumpy

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  1. Newborns, work deadlines, and illnesses are some very legitimate reasons why we are just going to be tired.

    I told myself it was OK because he preferred to work anyway and always seemed grouchy on family outings.

    We sent her in to have all her hormones tested which had never been done before, despite multiple visits to various doctors and, just on a hunch, because of her high anxiety levels, I added a couple of other tests.

    It just makes every problem seem worse than it is.

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