Why pregnant women are sexy

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While gaining weight you're definitely going to be getting thicker in the areas men desire the most, making him crave you physically. From time to time, say to her:

Why pregnant women are sexy

It is this major addition and sense of self-worth that men seem to love. All women should remember the hypocrisy of society that celebrates the sexualization of the female form but shies away from a woman's body made pregnant by sex. This je ne said quoi feeling stays with a large proportion of men during the pregnancy period.

Why pregnant women are sexy

Why pregnant women are sexy

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  1. It's a natural instinct which is uncontrollable in some men as they'll hit on pregnant ladies shamelessly. In this way, all those skin creams as well as lotions and potions that some ladies use seem to be paying off.

    So your baby bump can have a larger appeal than just the admiration of your partner and the fashion world has also realized that a pregnant belly can look great in clothes without having to be disguised. Another added bonus of that excessive belly is you'll have to get more creative when it comes to nookie.

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