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The bailor is not always the owner of the property, but may instead be entrusted by the owner of the property. A common situation that creates voluntary bailment is when a person leaves goods with someone for service e. In both cases, someone is being entrusted with others' assets and must act to protect those assets while in their custody.

Who is bailor

The case was then escalated to the Supreme Court of South Carolina. Some establishments even post signs to the effect that "no bailment" is created by leaving your personal possessions in their care, but local laws may prevent unfair enforcement of such terms especially attended car parks. A bailment that benefits the bailor only is one wherein the bailee acts out of the goodness of his heart.

Who is bailor

Who is bailor

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  1. The bailor is not always the owner of the property, but may instead be entrusted by the owner of the property. How it works Example:

    If the bailee primarily benefits, such as if you borrow your neighbor's rake to clean your lawn, the bailee must exercise highest care, i. The son only receives custody and control of the property, but John still owns it.


    There are three types of bailment that can exist:


    For example, the bailor may need to leave something like a car with a bailee while he is out of town. In this example, the bailor rightfully expects the bailee to protect those keys until they can be properly returned to their rightful owner.

    For example, John Doe owns a big piece of farmland on the eastern shore of Maryland.

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