Who discovered sex linked inheritance

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As examples of the effects of physical factors, he analyzed the way in which the spatial orientation of eggs affects their future development and the action of salt concentration on the development of fertilized and unfertilized eggs. Genome News Network is an editorially independent online publication of the J. He adopted the term gene , which was introduced by the Danish botanist Wilhelm Johannsen in , and concluded that genes were possibly arranged in a linear fashion on chromosomes.

Who discovered sex linked inheritance

Although an enthusiastic teacher, he was most interested in research in the laboratory. A second generation cross produced white-eyed males—a sex-linked recessive trait, the gene for which Morgan named white.

Who discovered sex linked inheritance

Who discovered sex linked inheritance

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  1. In Morgan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine ; he had been nominated in and for the same work. He wrote his thesis on the phylogeny of sea spiders pycnogonids and wrote four books about evolution.

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