Where is cobar nsw

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Mount Grenfell, which has been inhabited by Ngiyampaa people for tens of thousands of years, has some of the finest examples of rock art in Australia. There are outstanding examples of hand stencils which have been made by placing the hand on the blackened roof of the cave and blowing ochre onto the hand. Gravel was used to build up the floor level after mining to gain access to higher ore bodies.

Where is cobar nsw

Although Cobar identifies as a mining town, it also serves as an important service centre for the surrounding agricultural region. This is a working mine and it is fascinating to see the huge trucks making their way up from the m deep hole.

Where is cobar nsw

Where is cobar nsw

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  1. That led to the founding of the Great Cobar Copper Mine and to subsequent discoveries of copper, gold , silver , lead , and zinc. In the early 's, Lewis Street used to be the main road to Wrightville, an early "suburb" on the southern side of Cobar township.

    Prior to that Cobar battled to sustain itself with water as it is not located on any major river.

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