When did chris hadfield become an astronaut

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You just have to fit — [like] Goldilocks. As a maturing teen, he decided to "bum around" Europe for six months, living frugally as a ski instructor.

When did chris hadfield become an astronaut

Along the way, Hadfield completed basic flight training as the top student. Occasionally, he's been known to dabble in some music and play a tune for his friends and family.

When did chris hadfield become an astronaut

When did chris hadfield become an astronaut

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    He joined a Canadian quasi-military program called Air Cadets and while learning leadership and self-discipline skills, he also learned to fly airplanes by the time he was

    He had always fantasised about flying in space — Starman, and Mars, and all that other stuff, and I think for him it was just like a gift, to have that song updated with the lyrics, performed actually in space, just a couple of years before he was taken. He did two spacewalks for more than 14 hours "outside.

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