When a good man is hurt

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There are only men and women who tend to DO and SAY good or bad things, and sometimes those same people can either do or say good or bad things contrary to what might be expected as good or bad. In many cases, the hurt he feels is projected on you.

When a good man is hurt

When the ideas of a man who is offering good things to better society and the world is cut down ie he is hurt , everyone who understands the goodness that was offered will also be hurt. He Is Emotionally Unavailable Sometimes we think a man with a blank personality is mysterious. A man who is obsessed with his mama and feels no woman could and will ever compare to her will always be on the attack — especially if she is active in your dating life.

When a good man is hurt

When a good man is hurt

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  1. There will be days when your partner is totally withdrawn or saddened and there will be days when they are high on life. Examples include; killing their career dreams, downplaying their plans for a family, or even their dream wedding.

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