When a friend betrays your trust

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Consciously choose your distance while acting to bring out their better side: Is this a pattern in his behavior towards you or is it an anomaly? Recognize that you always have three choices in most any situation:

When a friend betrays your trust

We've all faced mind-grabbing breaks of trust, and will again. You may be feeling angry about what happened and you may feel like they deserve punishment, but rarely is this ever a productive endeavor. We live in a culture that is blind to betrayal and intolerant of emotional pain.

When a friend betrays your trust

When a friend betrays your trust

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  1. Conversely, each of us, at some time or another, have betrayed another's trust and dodged rather than rectified the situation. Resist the temptation to get your own back.

    Change how you act towards that person, accept her behavior or leave the relationship.

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