What is the code of chivalry

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Respect and defend the weak 4. Others defined it as the qualifications of a knight.

What is the code of chivalry

Thou shalt perform scrupulously thy feudal duties, if they be not contrary to the laws of God. Yet according to common definitions, the Code of Chivalry was simply the rules and customs of medieval knights. If love diminishes, it quickly fails and rarely revives.

What is the code of chivalry

What is the code of chivalry

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  1. Historical Sources Ideas about chivalry originated from three different sources. The church saw it as a duty to reform and guide knights in a way that weathered the disorderly, martial, and chauvinistic elements of chivalry.


    Knight and Orders of knighthood According to Crouch , many early writers on medieval chivalry cannot be trusted as historians, because they sometimes have "polemical purpose which colours their prose".

    Good character alone makes any man worthy of love.

    Literary chivalry and historical reality[ edit ] Fans of chivalry have assumed since the late medieval period that there was a time in the past when chivalry was a living institution, when men acted chivalrically, when chivalry was alive and not dead, the imitation of which period would much improve the present. Thou shalt defend the church.

    Medieval Code of Chivalry - the Oaths made during the Knighthood Ceremony The entry into Knighthood was highly ritualised which started with a Night Vigil in the Chapel of the Castle The Knight swore an oath of allegiance to the lord and swore the following oaths:

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