What does gracefulness mean

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Haskell, The Wonderful World of Dance , p. Cahn, Coming on Strong:

What does gracefulness mean

The swan is often referenced in literature as an example of a "graceful" animal. For example, Edmund Burke wrote: With limbs less supple, but more powerful than a woman's, a male dancer's virile leaps are every bit as graceful as a ballerina's".

What does gracefulness mean

What does gracefulness mean

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  1. From Shakespeare to Pixar , p. Gracefulness is an idea not very different from beauty ; it consists of much the same things.

    In this ease, this roundness, this delicacy of attitude and motion, it is that all the magic of grace consists, and what is called its je ne sais quoi; as will be obvious to any observer, who considers attentively the Venus de Medicis, the Antinous, or any statue generally allowed to be graceful in an high degree. Very graceful tree blooms early, with medium-sized, lightly fragrant flowers of pale pink appearing before leaves.

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