What does flakey mean

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They will spread rumours about you to others. Even on the classic website for the daughters of mothers who have Narcissistic Personality Disorder daughtersofnarcissisticmothers.

What does flakey mean

He must have done something to deserve it. When you bring together that acute terror of abandonment or rejection with the narcissistic elements of being unable to withstand even a hint of criticism and an obsessive horror of being put down or having the narcissistic bubble burst, you can begin to understand the desperate interior pathology of the flaky chick, disguised behind her often cool and engaging exterior. She will try to convince him that it will work this time.

What does flakey mean

What does flakey mean

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    This is due to a variety of social and psychological causes. They will queer your pitch in every possible way.

    For her, rejection or abandonment are a matter of life or death, so all her resources are used to avoid it. Always the same outcome:

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