Weight training for sprinters

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This can be accomplished through compound lifts such as Olympic variations, Squats and Bench Presses. They do things the back squat cannot.

Weight training for sprinters

Higher boxes work the glutes and hamstrings more while lower boxes work more of the quadriceps. A sprinter needs power in both the upper and lower body.

Weight training for sprinters

Weight training for sprinters

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  1. These single leg superstars require a tremendous amount of stability in the frontal plane at the ankle and knee joints as well. Click To Tweet 2.

    The ability to back squat deep with good form is a good indicator of injury prevention and structural balance. A Sprinter Weight Training Program This three-day workout program will help you build speed for the track in the weight room.

    To be that athlete, you must incorporate five key components into your program. They do things the back squat cannot.

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