Waterbeds sydney

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This gives you a spare cover that can be swapped when washing the wool top and extends the life of your bed by sharing the wear and tear between two covers. The Winston has 3 inch posts and is one of our most popular traditional style frames. In fact, you might find answers to some of your questions on our Waterbed F.

Waterbeds sydney

We are happy to answer all your questions about waterbeds. The Afloat is equipped with temperature control, an improved wave-suppression system, and a fabric cover that provides better body contouring. Independent means Southern Cross Bedding Pty Ltd is not a franchise or a group member, and therefore we are able to source the best quality manufactured water bed products.

Waterbeds sydney

Waterbeds sydney

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  1. We use Dunlop Endro Foam in manufacture, this is a superior quality non memory foam not found in other brands. And during summer, turn the heater down to keep you cool.

    The therapeutic warmth is an added bonus.

    Customers wanted a sleeker look in their bedrooms.

    We have been supplying the waterbed industry since June


    Hall says that while the new waterbeds are still not easy to move, they have streamlined assembly and maintenance, with detailed instructions, labelled parts, and a hose included. So will waterbeds make a comeback?

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