Warrior yoga sealfit

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And, of course, we worked up a killer sweat and team spirit with striking and kicking combinations. Here's a taste of what you'll discover: I have been teaching this brand of warrior development to Navy SEAL candidates and other SEALFIT athletes since , and we have all found it extraordinarily effective at developing a host of skills and traits valuable to the warrior.

Warrior yoga sealfit

How to train Kokoro yoga, anywhere Michael, my publisher, was intrigued by how we had SEALs and Special Operators doing yoga to make them more effective in combat, more present at home with the wife and kids, and less apt to suffer from the nasty effects of PTSD. Topics I will explore in this series include:

Warrior yoga sealfit

Warrior yoga sealfit

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  1. Few realize yoga was originally created for warriors - military and spiritual - to strengthen and support their bodies during periods of intense growth and challenge. Then we meditated…for 15 minutes.

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