War by sebastian junger

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Nearly fifty American soldiers have died carrying out those orders. If you survive it with your body intact, your mind will have absorbed not just your own pain and degradation, but that of your friends and perhaps even your enemies.

War by sebastian junger

It recounts a storm in October that resulted in the Gloucester fishing boat Andrea Gail going down off the coast of Nova Scotia , and the loss of all six crew members: Indoctrination is the official term; brainwashing is the more accurate.

War by sebastian junger

War by sebastian junger

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  1. Juan Restrepo, killed in action. Reflections on Men in Battle.

    Roy Smith, an African-American man, was convicted in her death based on circumstantial evidence. Junger makes us see the terror, monotony, misery, comradeship and lunatic excitement that have been elements of all wars since, say, the siege of Troy.

    This experience is likely to damage you beyond repair; it will haunt you and be the source of life-long regret. This is the open secret of all armies everywhere.

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