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Growth[ edit ] Wallan has witnessed substantial growth in housing. He converted the store to the Woodmans Arms Hotel in


The quarry is proposed to be open to a maximum depth of 6. Parks[ edit ] Wallan has parks in prominent locations, such as Hadfield Park. VCAT has overturned Council's decision and approved the quarry.



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  1. The quarry is proposed to be staged in such a manner that only a portion of the land will be quarried at any one time with rehabilitation works occurring concurrently with other areas being quarried.

    Traditionally the growth was in the northern side of the town in the Hidden Valley area. There are very limited recreational facilities in the town.

    Walkways have been improved in recent years with re-vegetation of wetland areas along Watson st and storm water mitigation ponds around Wallara Waters. Growth[ edit ] Wallan has witnessed substantial growth in housing.

    Council's response Council is very disappointed in the decision based on the following: Traditionally the growth was in the northern side of the town in the Hidden Valley area.

    Being just outside Melbourne's metropolitan boundary, land in Wallan is fairly cheap which has allowed low-income families to make a living while commuting to the city for work. George Wallder and John Kyle supplied meat to the township.

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