Vertical hood piercing pictures

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Placed so that the jewelry is below the clitoral hood behind the clitoris, the jewelry either a captive bead ring or a circular barbell provides stimulation by applying pressure to the underside of the clitoral shaft. It may be a good idea to avoid riding a bicycle, wearing tight jeans or thongs for the first week or two after receiving this piercing. These are just a few of the questions our piercers will ask you and of course any information you would like to offer will be helpful.

Vertical hood piercing pictures

Many women but not all have enough pinchable skin in that area to place a piece of jewelry meant to stimulate both partners during vaginal intercourse. A poorly placed piercing can result in a missed opportunity for enhancement. This piercing can often times be placed in several different spots depending on your lifestyle and what your desired aesthetical goal is.

Vertical hood piercing pictures

Vertical hood piercing pictures

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  1. With these things in mind we can help you decide on whether or not this piercing is right for you. This is the most common female genital piercing we perform.

    Provided that your piercing was performed by us or another reputable body piercer, this simply is not true.


    Because of variations in anatomy and personal preferences for sexual stimulation, each piercee must be evaluated and even counseled on an individual basis before deciding on a genital piercing. Is this piercing for your enjoyment or for your partner?

    The fourchette is surprisingly easy to receive and quick to heal with the down side of having a risk of painlessly rejecting.


    Unfortunately, many piercers have NO specific training in genital piercings whatsoever!

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