Vegan bakery barrie

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It's a Yummy Life! Our menu is mainly vegan, but where goat cheese or organic eggs are an option, we visit the farms and make sure that the animals are treated like first-class citizens, not like slaves in a factory.

Vegan bakery barrie

Look for quality Compliments brands in every Sobeys store: Our dining room is considered casual fine dining, so you can come dressed to the nines or more casual attire. But we would never compromise on taste.

Vegan bakery barrie

Vegan bakery barrie

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  1. Detox in our infrared sauna room and experience the good vibes. Our Juicer presses fresh juice daily.

    Our menu is designed by a holistic nutritionist and a world-class chef.

    Divide evenly among cupcake holders making sure NOT to overfill.

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