Vanagon engine conversion

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Social Sites The Latest Happenings We have been servicing, performing maintenance and changing the way Vanagon's perform for over 10 years under the Stephan's Auto Haus brand. You will be able to purchase the same kit that we install in our 1.

Vanagon engine conversion

Cast aluminum bellhousing, 4 different cast aluminum oil pans, 5 engine mounts, 5 stainless headers, stainless exhaust system, flexible dipstick, brake upgrades and numerous cooling system and other parts. We have over 10 years experience with servicing Eurovan's in the Northern California. Plus, you can get all the parts you need right off the shelf.

Vanagon engine conversion

Vanagon engine conversion

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  1. Now anyone can have a fuel efficient and powerful H2oVanagon engine replacement which makes owning and driving your Vanagon just that much more enjoyable!

    Photos of this Syncro Westy can be found in our photo gallery.

    Lower emissions — Subaru engines are partial zero emissions vehicles pzev.


    Lower emissions — Subaru engines are partial zero emissions vehicles pzev. H2oVanagon is dedicated to providing more information about Vanagon services and products available to improve your overall Vanagon experience.

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