Validating rapid microbiology methods

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Design Qualification DQ Design Qualification DQ is documented verification that the proposed design of the equipment or system is suitable for the intended purpose. Summary Once the validation plan has been executed and approved, the rapid method may be implemented for routine use. Initial Activities Prior to purchasing and validating a RMM, there are a number of due diligence activities that should be undertaken.

Validating rapid microbiology methods

Initial Activities Prior to purchasing and validating a RMM, there are a number of due diligence activities that should be undertaken. The ICH Q9 guideline, Quality Risk Management [1], defines QRM as a systematic process for the assessment, control, communication and review of risk to the quality of drug product across the product lifecycle.

Validating rapid microbiology methods

Validating rapid microbiology methods

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  1. The document identifies the test script or protocol where a function or requirement will be tested, such as the Installation, Operational and Performance Qualification IQ, OQ and PQ, respectively protocols. Because many RMM technologies consist of a combination of instrumentation, software, consumables and reagents, in addition to specific detection, quantitative or identification methodologies, it is important to develop a comprehensive and holistic approach to the validation process to ensure that the entire RMM system is suitable for its intended use.

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