Validating dates in c

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Regular expressions should be considered for this type of validation. For example a numeric field may only allow the digits 0—9, the decimal point and perhaps a minus sign or commas. Make a Donation Did this website just save you a trip to the bookstore?

Validating dates in c

See also data type checks below Batch totals Checks for missing records. A validation process involves two distinct steps:

Validating dates in c

Validating dates in c

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  1. Hash totals This is just a batch total done on one or more numeric fields which appears in every record.

    For example a numeric field may only allow the digits 0—9, the decimal point and perhaps a minus sign or commas. An inappropriate use of automatic enforcement would be in situations where the enforcement leads to loss of business information.

    A company has established a Personnel file and each record contains a field for the Job Grade.

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