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This protein plays a role in the development and maintenance of the auditory and visual systems and functions in the cohesion of hair bundles formed by inner ear sensory cells. Minigene constructions were confirmed by direct sequencing in both directions with BigDye Terminator 3.


The consequences of missense, silent and intronic changes many times are unknown and additional studies are needed to know the pathogenicity of these variants. These variants were selected according to bioinformatic analysis.



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  1. All experiments were performed in duplicate. These variants were selected based on the bioinformatic predictions.

    We only could obtain the wild type WT insert for the variant c. Based on our results, minigenes are a good approach to determine the implication of identified variants in the mRNA processing, and the analysis of RNA obtained from nasal epithelial cells is an alternative method to discriminate neutral Usher variants from those with a pathogenic effect on the splicing process.

    Four programs were used: We only could obtain the wild type WT insert for the variant c.

    The cilia are distributed around the human body and it has been reported that an abnormality in ciliary function may be linked to the nasal cilia abnormalities, as well as to the retinal degeneration [12]. Received Dec 5; Accepted Jan

    In USH1G patients, mutations in SANS eliminate Magi2 binding and thereby deregulate endocytosis, lead to defective ciliary transport modules and ultimately disrupt photoreceptor cell function inducing retinal degeneration. The third goal of this study was to evaluate the nasal ciliary beat frequency in eight USH1 patients and compare it with thirty control subjects.

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