Updating selinux policy targeted

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Comment 12 Rex Dieter Email notifications may also be configured, as for those not running an X server. To make the security context changes permanent, even through a complete filesystem relabel, we can use the SELinux Management Tool or the 'semanage' command from the command line:

Updating selinux policy targeted

Many applications, however, do not test all return codes on system calls and may return no message explaining the issue or may return in a misleading fashion. To do this based on an audit log entry, look at the type in the context of the scontext field:

Updating selinux policy targeted

Updating selinux policy targeted

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  1. Manually Customizing Policy Modules Often audit2allow will automatically create a custom policy module that will resolve a particular issue, but there are times when it doesn't get it quite right and we may want to manually edit and compile the policy module.

    As this seems perfectly reasonable, we can go ahead and use audit2allow to make a custom policy module to allow these actions:

    If we start our web browser and try to view the page, SELinux will properly deny access and log the error because the directory and file s have the wrong security context. I'm not sure what "a while" is, though seconds, minutes, etc?

    By default under a strict enforcing setting, everything is denied and then a series of exceptions policies are written that give each element of the system a service, program or user only the access required to function.

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