Updating repositories in fedora

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The packages it contains are always also available from the build system, Koji , and usually from the updates-testing repository. As shown below, this provides us with useful information such as the architecture, version number, release number, total size, as well as a description of what the package actually does. All package builds are sent there.

Updating repositories in fedora

Running dnf distro-sync or with yum command or re-enabling the updates-testing repository will both usually alleviate the issue; it is up to the individual user whether they wish to continue using the updates-testing repository after the stable release or not. In the example below we completely uninstall a package with dnf and have no messages output.

Updating repositories in fedora

Updating repositories in fedora

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  1. This is an example of what happens if you attempt to perform an action without the appropriate plugin. It is suggested to use the dnf distro-sync command to synchronize to the latest available RPMs from the new stream.

    In case no profile was provided, all default profiles get installed. For stable releases, updates together with fedora represents the current stable state of the release.

    It is represented for Yum or DNF in the fedora-updates-testing. For any other system, it should not.

    CentOS-7 - Base repo: Since we wish to maintain this frozen state for the fedora repository, we cannot place updates directly into it.

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