Updating packages using yum

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List all Installed Packages using YUM To list all the installed packages on a system, just issue below command, it will display all the installed packages. If you want to install packages automatically without asking any confirmation, use option -y as shown in below example.

Updating packages using yum

Install a Package with YUM To install a package called Firefox 14 , just run the below command it will automatically find and install all required dependencies for Firefox. To get information of a package just issue the below command.

Updating packages using yum

Updating packages using yum

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  1. The above command will ask confirmation before installing any package on your system. Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser, designed for standards:

    Please update us through our comment box. For example to search for a specific version openssh

    Same way the above command will ask confirmation before removing a package. Install a Package from Specific Repository To install a particular package from a specific enabled or disabled repository, you must use —enablerepo option in your yum command.

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