Updating multiple tables in vb net

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The pubs database has a titles and authors relationship. I don't see anything that works with a dataset either.

Updating multiple tables in vb net

By default, an event handler for the Save button of the BindingNavigator is added to the form's code to send updates to the database. Check the values in the database to verify that the changes were saved. If your database requires a password, select the option to include sensitive data, and then select Next.

Updating multiple tables in vb net

Updating multiple tables in vb net

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  1. Assigning a name to the project is optional during this step, but we'll give it a name because we'll save the project later.


    If a data connection to the Northwind sample database is available in the drop-down list, select it. You can modify the code to suit the needs of your application.

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