Updating indexes for block

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Adjusting the index block size to relieve index contention The physical block size for an index matters because Oracle chose the block size boundaries to be the same as the b-tree node size. If there are nested or child folders that you wish to include, type in the number of levels you want.

Updating indexes for block

But the entry is variable-length and has a list of however many record pointers it needs to enumerate all the data records. Because index blocks can be configured to index an entire site or a specific folder, the way you configure index blocks in your system will vary depending on your needs and specifications.

Updating indexes for block

Updating indexes for block

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    To ensure dynamic and consistent content across your site, any time content relevant to that index block in the system changes a page is added, deleted, renamed, moved, etc. The index entries are sorted on the index field, with a block pointer to the block of the main file containing the corresponding record.

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