Updating firmware pioneer 107d

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BIOS 15 image maintained in the non-volatile memory 14, only when the new or updated firmware image 19 is authorized and the source of the new or updated firmware image 19 is an authorized or trusted party. Conventional methods to prevent such an attack include providing electronic devices with flash memories that support lockable memory ranges which, once locked, cannot be unlocked until the device power has been cycled.

Updating firmware pioneer 107d

Although the second memory 16 is described as being a fast access volatile memory, those of ordinary skill in the art will recognize and appreciate that other memory configurations, for example, memory distributed over a network may be used in place of the RAM 16 and such alternate embodiments are contemplated by and fall within the spirit of the present invention and the scope of the present disclosure. The second memory 16 is a fast access memory, for example, a random access memory RAM that maintains application programs 17, for example, word processing, accounting, e-mail, MP3 programs, browsers and other suitable programs or combinations thereof that are transferred to the processor 12 for execution via bus The private key is then used to sign the public key container; thereby, creating a digitally signed container.

Updating firmware pioneer 107d

Updating firmware pioneer 107d

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  1. The non-volatile memory 14 is then returned to its locked state. The memory maintains instructions that when executed by the processor, causes the processor to receive a firmware update image.

    Power cycling typically occurs when the electronic device is in a cold boot process. In an exemplary embodiment, the authorization is determined, for example, by an RSA key pair e.

    An electronic device, comprising:

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