Updating catalogs backup exec 2010 exchange

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The catalog procedure may take as long or longer than the time it took to record the backup job operation. For readers not familiar the GRT option is simply to allow individual mailboxes or contents thereof to be restored rather than the whole store. Here are the steps:

Updating catalogs backup exec 2010 exchange

On the surface it seemed quite strange. I copy them to other servers in some Customer sites.

Updating catalogs backup exec 2010 exchange

Updating catalogs backup exec 2010 exchange

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  1. Solution In case the problem is based in backup to tape jobs, following steps to delete the media from Backup Exec and re-run the catalogs operation on the media is suggested: Backup Exec must catalog this backup set using a file-by-file cataloging method.

    You should backup both the catalog and the database as part of your regular backups of the server if you intend to be able to disaster-recover Backup Exec itself. Here are the steps:

    So the solution is — find the source of the compression error and remove and configure the b2d properties to match the infrastructure i. Here are the steps:

    I wonder if your catalog retention period is set to an exceedingly long period, regular catalog pruning operations aren't taking place, or something has gone crazy. Then we checked the media server — the machine with the tape drive attached.


    Of course, if you're small enough that everything is ending up on a single tape then that's probably all irrelevant.

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