Uic masters in accounting

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The center also focuses on the development of such markets in China. MIS courses are organized around three disciplines: The facilities of UIC e.

Uic masters in accounting

In the second year, they will pursue advanced electives and complete a concentration. A second area of support is chosen from departments within the college.

Uic masters in accounting

Uic masters in accounting

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  1. Within these areas students can work in auditing, forensics, cost accounting and much more. They stress analytical, decision making, judgement and inquiry skills.

    Students enrolling in the Weekend MBA will complete all of the core courses required for the degree in the first year of study. Students work closely with faculty mentors and develop their own research program to better understand marketplace phenomena and generate new knowledge about marketing processes and buyer and seller behavior.

    Business and tax attorney, entrepreneur and founder of The Marc J. Accounting is used everywhere.

    Applicants who have not taken all of the prerequisite MIS courses may be admitted on a provisional basis i. Applicants with an undergraduate degree in MIS from an accredited institution should be able to complete the program in one year of full-time study.

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