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I was sick through that whole period [ I'd been travelling quite a bit, living in hotels, eating bad food, drinking a lot - too much. And he never mentions the person, but you see the person.

Tom waits small change review

It is perhaps the single best vocal delivery of his career, proving his voice does have a unique, charming niche which often gives the music much character it would be lacking without it. The album takes us on a colourful sunset-to-sunrise trip through the Los Angeles streets.

Tom waits small change review

Tom waits small change review

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Although you can phone any of the Direction records and get a consequence sell for what was up to during this juncture, his largest work has to be Far Change. No priest about it, any serious swerve fan would noticeably be surprised at how extended these records are. Tom waits small change review

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  1. Music[ edit ] The album featured famed drummer Shelly Manne , and was, like Waits' previous albums, heavily jazz-influenced, with a lyrical style that owed influence to Raymond Chandler and Charles Bukowski as well as a vocal delivery influenced by Louis Armstrong , Dr.

    Some tracks have a string section, whose sweet timbre is starkly contrasted to Waits' voice.

    He said the most wonderful thing about writing that song.

    The first is that this is one of the least experimental of his works musically, if you want an album that is more consistently representative of this side of him try Swordfishtrombones or Rain Dogs.

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