To do with out sex

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In Jesus you see life to the full — and his was a human life without sex. Look, for example, at the similarly close relationships that some women have with gay men. Would he have been such an effective pastor of churches and mentor to young church leaders if he had his own young family?

To do with out sex

Even taking a break from sex, or at least taking a break from the obsessional quest for it, can often be incredibly rewarding. Yet I could not, in conscience, enter into a relationship bringing the baggage of my illness; it would not be fair to do so. Share via Email Medieval monks took vows of celibacy — but it's rare for anyone to do the same today for non-religious reasons.

To do with out sex

To do with out sex

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  1. Yes, but not as much as I thought that I would. Break the cycle and, over time, the physical and psychological "need" for sex lessens — you can do without it, hard as that may be to believe.

    Do I miss sex?

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