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TMTzero, a non-isotopically substituted core structure; TMTduplex, an isobaric pair of mass tags with a single isotopic substitution; [1] TMTsixplex, an isobaric set of six mass tags with five isotopic substitutions; [2] TMT plex - a set of 10 isotopic mass tags which use the TMTsixplex reporter region, but use different elemental isotope to create a mass difference of 0. This technology has proved to be successful in numerous experimental contexts for comparative analysis upon perturbation.


Isobaric tags, on the other hand, use a different concept for peptide quantification. Since every tryptic peptide can be labeled in an isobaric labeling method, more than one peptide representing the same protein may be identified, thereby increasing the confidence in both the identification and quantification of the protein. In isobaric labeling-based quantification, each sample is derivatized with a different isotopic variant of an isobaric mass tag from a set, and then the samples are pooled and analyzed simultaneously in MS.



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  1. Extending the capacity of reporter ion quan experiments is a big topic these days! Intuitively, the trust associated with a protein measurement depends on the similarity of ratios from different peptides and the signal level of these measurements.

    Labeling can be achieved by the application of combinatorial heavy isotopologues of C, H, N, and O and can be introduced in proteins either by metabolic means or through chemical derivatization processes. Not the same Larry David

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