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Only 3 km from Tin Can Bay Motel is Norman Point where you can visit with the dolphins in the wild every morning from 7. The water has abundant turtles, fish species, dolphins, mud crabs and sand crabs. Birdwatchers can observe more than species, including some rare shorebirds that have migrated from as far as Siberia to use the area as their summer resting ground after breeding.

Tin can bay qld

Unauthorised dolphin feeding is not permitted. Under the supervision of Barnacles Dolphin Centre, you are able to stand in the water and get up close and personal with these gentle souls.

Tin can bay qld

Tin can bay qld

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  1. You will soon discover that Tin Can Bay is home to a truly wonderful variety of birds. There is an environmental walkway commencing opposite the library with a history of Tin Can Bay.

    Afterwards, you can enjoy breakfast at a number of waterside venues and hire a dinghy to explore Snapper Creek to catch crabs and fish in secluded inlets.

    Located near the southern end of World Heritage listed Fraser Island, the town adjoins the Great Sandy Strait and offers a sheltered paradise for birdwatching, sailing, cruising on a houseboat or fishing.

    The Great Sandy Strait also has ideal sailing conditions, stunning scenery with many sheltered bays, sand flats, beaches and mangrove-lined creeks that are perfect for fishing and home to dugongs - check marine park zoning regulations before you visit at npsr. Under the supervision of Barnacles Dolphin Centre, you are able to stand in the water and get up close and personal with these gentle souls.

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